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FUNCTION & DUTIES - J&K Muslim Specified Wakafs and Specified Wakaf Properties Board

The J&K Board for Specified Wakfs and Specified Wakfs Properties was established under an Ordinance promulgated by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. J&K Legislative Assembly passed in January, 2004 an Act entitled “The Jammu and Kashmir Board for Specified Wakfs and Specified Wakf Properties (Management and Regulation) Act, 2004”. This was further amended in 2005 and the words “The Jammu and Kashmir Wakfs” were substituted by “The Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Specified Wakfs”.

The Board shall consist of eleven members, all of whom shall be Muslim.

The Chief Minister of the State shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Board and if he happens to be a non-Muslim, he may appoint an eminent Muslim from the Council of Ministers, to be the Chairman. The remaining members shall be nominated by Chairman as per following description: -

i. three persons who have distinguished themselves in the service of Islam in the State;
ii. three persons who have distinguished themselves in administrative, legal or financial affairs;
iii. three persons who have distinguished themselves in health, education and social service; and
iv. a woman who has distinguished herself in the social service particularly in the empowerment of women in the State.

A member, other than an ex-officio member, shall hold office for a period of five years from the date of his nomination, but may resign his office earlier by giving notice in writing thereof to the Chairman and shall cease to be a member on the resignation being accepted by the Chairman.

Apart from looking after the Muslim Religious places and properties thereof, three types of educational institutions are being run by the Board:

a. Institutions imparting formal Education:

i. Bibi Halima College of Nursing & Medical Technology, Srinagar
ii. Sultan-ul-Arifeen Wakf Higher Secondary School, Srinagar
iii. Mantaqui Memorial Wakf Higher Secondary School, Awantipora
iv. Muslim Boys & Girls Wakf High School, Qalamdanpora, Srinagar
v. Muslim Gousia Girls Wakf Secondary School, Khanyar, Srinagar
vi. Baba Shukur-ud-Din Wakf Memorial Wakf High School, Watlab, Sopore
vii. Gousia Wakf Secondary School, Kakapora, Pulwama
viii. Alamdar Wakf Secondary School, Charar-i-Sharief
ix. Hanfiya Nabiya Wakf Middle School, Kabamarg, Ananatnag
x. Hanfiya Wakf Middle School, Asham
xi. Baba Payam-ud-Din Reshi Wakf Middle School, Hajibal, Tangmarg
xii. Sheikh Hamza Memorial Wakf Middle School, Aham-i-Sharief, Bandipora
xiii. Shah Namatulla Qadri Wakf Primary School, Safakadal, Srinagar

b. Non-formal residential Educational Institutions:

i. Jamia Madinatual-Uloom, Hazratbal
ii. Dar-ul-Uloom, Aishmuqam, Anantnag
iii. Dar-ul-Uloom, Qaimoh, Anantnag
iv. Dar-ul-Uloom, Watlab, Sopore
v. Dar-ul-Uloom, Aham-i-Sharief, Bandipora

c. Non-formal and non-residential Educational Institutions:

These are exclusively Quranic Educational Institutes spread throughout the valley. 60 Madrassa are spread in every nook and corner of the valley. Competent Makhtab teachers give religious education to about 3500 students. These Institutions impart Quranic Education during morning and evening hours.

For further details about “The Jammu and Kashmir Board for Muslim Specified Wakfs and Specified Wakf Properties’ please browse www.jkwakf.org.

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