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FUNCTION & DUTIES - Chief Minister's monitoring Cell

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The monitoring is the systematic collection and analysis of information as a project progresses. It is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a project or organization. It is based on targets set and activities planned during the phases of work and help to keep the work on track and can let management know when things are going wrong. If done properly, it is an invaluable tool for good management and it provides a useful base for evaluation. It enables to determine whether the resources available are sufficient and are being well used and whether the capacity is sufficient and appropriate.

It is purely in this context that a Monitoring Cell was established in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, vide General Administration Department’s Order No: 803-GAD of 2010 dated 15.07.2010. The Cell is working under the administrative control of the Principal Secretary to Hon’ble Chief Minister. Three officers, one each of the rank of Joint Director (Planning), Deputy Director (Planning) and Under Secretary are posted in the Monitoring Cell along with three officials for carrying out job assigned to the Monitoring Cell.

The Monitoring Cell is charged with the following responsibilities:-

a) To monitor important schemes and projects under implementation by various Departments and Government Agencies as are identified by the Hon’ble Chief Minister for close monitoring of implementation and achievement of financial/physical targets.
b) To monitor the implementation of decisions taken in all the meetings held under the Chairmanship of the Hon’ble Chief Minister including the District Development Board meetings.

Besides this, the Monitoring Cell is also:-

a) Monitoring the implementation of the directions given by the Hon’ble Chief Minister to the Offices/Departments during video conferencing and announcements made by the HCM during public meetings.
b) Monitoring the progress of issues highlighted by the Guides/Mentors appointed by the Government for various Districts of the State for re-energizing of administration at District/Secretariat level.

As a part of monitoring of developmental works, the Officers are also charged with the responsibility of paying field visits during/after execution of works/ schemes. 175 works/projects each costing 10 crore and above of prime public importance have been identified under the approval of the Hon’ble Chief Minister for close monitoring of physical & financial targets. Physical Inspection of 76 projects/works out of the identified 175 projects/ works has been conducted by the Officers of the Monitoring Cell and inspection reports of all the 76 projects/works have been prepared and sent to the concerned Administrative Departments/Offices for addressing the problem areas and initiating action on the key observations brought out in the reports by the inspecting Officers.

The field visit of Officers and the subsequent action on the part of the Administrative Departments on the PVRs has, inter alia, provided necessary coordination among different Departments/Offices for removal of impediments, if any, in execution of the various development projects. The PVRs of the inspected works are also being placed on the official website of Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Monitoring Cell (www.jkcmmonitoring.nic.in).

Reviewing the progress of identified works/projects is a regular feature and for this purpose review meetings are held regularly under the Chairmanship of the Principal Secretary to HCM. The holding of the review meetings is facilitating the required coordination for the smooth execution of the projects/ works at the different required levels.

Monitoring Cell is also working on the problem areas/critical issues, brought out by NABCONS (3rd party Monitoring Agency) in their monitoring reports of the developmental works/schemes. The problem areas/critical issues pointed out by NABCONS in their monitoring reports have been taken up with the Administrative Departments/agencies by the Monitoring Cell for taking corrective measures and appropriate action which has yielded desired results.

List of Projects Inspected by Chief Ministerís Monitoring Cell

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